MB Reed

Author and mathematician


Jericho Writers

I found jerichowriters.com from a google search. Signed up for their newsletter. In response I received links to three one-hour videos on 3 consecutive days. The first, a panel of female literary agents looking at slushpile submissions and giving their reactions, would have been interesting if not for the atrocious sound and unorganised presentation.

The last video was a 90-minute ‘masterclass on getting published’ by Jericho’s founder Harry Bingham. He spent much of the first half assuring the audience that there would be no hard sell at the end, and most of the last 30-minutes giving a hard sell for joining the club. What remained was useful but could have been covered in half the time; I was not inclined to sign up.

But then the weekly emails from Harry started arriving, and these are actually interesting and useful. The latest two in particular, on the pitfalls of having an agent and of self-publishing, are honest appraisals of the two routes, and the (un)likelihood of becoming successful either way.

Also, a couple of weeks after the video emails, I got a standard email asking ‘how’s the writing going?’ I replied, without expecting a response, but a few days later came a personal email with advice, including a page of links to 24 pages of useful resources on all stages of self-publishing. My impression of the Company is now greatly improved.

I’m now at the stage of seeking editorial work on my manuscript, and could well use the Jericho Writers services. I’d like to see some independent reviews first.