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The Hammond Conjecture

A darkly comic tale of sex, drugs and quantum mechanics…

The Hammond Conjecture

The Hammond Conjecture is an alternate-history novel which explores themes of memory, identity and historical narrative. It is also a lot of fun.

Are you sure you know who you are? If your memories disappeared and were replaced with someone else’s, would you still be you? And what if those memories were not just from another person - but of a different world?

London 1982 – perhaps. Awakened in an isolation ward of catatonic patients, glimpsing the outside world only through a television news bulletin, that is the dilemma facing Hugh Hammond…

Gradually Hugh’s memories return – of his life as an MI6 officer a decade earlier. But in a world where Britain fights a lonely Cold War against Fascist-dominated Europe. Are his memories false: delusions, or implanted as part of a mind-control experiment? Or was the television news fake – and if so, why?

Hugh types out his recollections: an adventure which takes him from an opium den in Limehouse to a State Reception for the Deputy Führer in the Durbar Court in Whitehall, via a hippie encampment in France.

“Very well thought-out … Reminds me of Michael Moorcock’s earlier novels.” – Gary Gibson, leading British sci-fi writer. ​

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“When I imagine things, I imagine the truth. It’s so much better when it comes from how you imagine it, rather than how you report it.” – Ray Davies (of The Kinks) 1973