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Core Maths for the Biosciences

Core Maths for the Biosciences

Oxford University Press, 2011

Core Maths for the Biosciences introduces the range of mathematical concepts that bioscience students need to master during their studies. Starting from fundamental concepts, it blends clear explanations and biological examples throughout as it equips the reader with the full range of mathematical tools required by biologists today.

Mathematics Research

My PhD (University of Bath 1980) was on finite element techniques to model soil-structure interaction. My main research topics since then are itemised below.

Finite element methods for continuum mechanics

1980 - 2001

I was Principal Investigator on projects funded by EPSRC, British Coal and by Geodata SpA in Italy. These developed efficient techniques for the finite element modelling of rock tunnels.

I also produced a finite element learning package, FELIPE.

Quasi-Newton methods for unconstrained optimisation


I worked on limited-storage QN algorithms, and developed a new LSQN algorithm: Update Condensation. I also worked on the use of these algorithms as iterative solvers in finite element software.

Evolutionary computation


This field uses ideas from nature to produce algorithms for the solution of optimisation problems.

I produced a genetic algorithm to perform sequence alignment in bioinformatics; click here to see it in action.

I have also supervised projects applying ant colony optimisation (ACO) to the capacitated vehicle routing problem (a variant of the Travelling Salesman Problem).

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